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Stand Up To Anxiety

Online counselling and CBT for worry, stress, and anxiety

Stand Up To Anxiety

Online counselling and CBT for worry, stress, and anxiety

Therapy for Teens

Welcome to a dedicated space where young minds are understood and nurtured.

I’m Dr. Terry Sergeant, and I provide compassionate online counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) tailored specifically for young people aged 13 and above.

With the unique challenges and pressures facing teens today, having a supportive and confidential environment to explore feelings, thoughts, and experiences is more important than ever.

Whether your child is in Belfast, London, Dublin, or anywhere else across the UK and Ireland, my services are designed to provide the guidance and strategies needed to navigate the complexities and challenges of adolescence. 

How can therapy help your child?

Research has increasingly shown that mental and emotional health plays a crucial role in overall well-being during the teenage years. A sense of connection, understanding, and being valued is vital. The good news? These are not innate traits but skills that can be cultivated with the right support.

Through counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), I offer a supportive and practical approach to support teens. Whether your child is dealing with school pressures, social anxiety, exam stress, problems with self confidence, or other difficulties, online therapy sessions provide a safe space to explore their feelings, understand their thoughts, and learn coping strategies that work.

The benefits of therapy for teens

Engaging with our therapy services can help your child:

  • Understand themselves and their experiences better: Therapy is an opportunity for a young person to gain insights into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and experiences.
  • Improve communication: Counselling can help your child learn to express themselves more clearly and to better listen to others.
  • Manage anxiety: Both counselling and CBT therapy for teens can help develop tools to handle anxious thoughts and situations effectively.
  • Build resilience: Adolescence is a significant developmental time for young people.  Therapy can help develop resilience and strengthen your child’s ability to cope with life’s challenges.
  • Feel seen and heard: Counselling is a place where a young person can fully express themselves, and experience a therapeutic relationship where they feel understood.

Challenges and difficulties addressed in therapy for teens

Adolescence is a pivotal time of growth, change, and exploration, but it also comes with its own set of unique challenges. In therapy, teens have the opportunity to work through a variety of issues, finding strategies and solutions that help them move forward with confidence. Here are some of the key challenges and difficulties that therapy can help with:

  • Anxiety and Stress: From academic pressures to social worries, young people today face a myriad of sources of anxiety and stress. Therapy can provide effective coping mechanisms and strategies to manage anxiety, fostering resilience against the pressures of daily life.

  • Depression and Mood Swings: Navigating the emotional ups and downs of adolescence can be overwhelming. Therapy offers a supportive environment to explore these feelings, understand their origins, and develop skills to improve emotional regulation and overall mood.

  • Self-Esteem and Body Image: As teens develop, they often grapple with self-esteem issues and concerns about their body image. Through therapy, they can build a healthier relationship with themselves, learning to value their unique qualities and appearance.

  • Peer Relationships and Social Skills: The teenage years are crucial for developing and navigating relationships. Therapy can assist teens in understanding social dynamics, enhancing their communication skills, and building meaningful connections with peers.

  • Family Dynamics: Family relationships can sometimes be a source of stress or misunderstanding for teens. Therapy can help in resolving conflicts, improving communication, and strengthening family bonds.

  • Academic and Future Concerns: Worries about school performance and future prospects can be daunting. Therapy provides a space for teens to voice their concerns, set goals, and develop a clearer sense of direction for their future.

  • Trauma and Grief: Experiencing trauma or loss during adolescence can have a profound impact. Therapy offers a pathway to healing, helping teens process their experiences and find ways to move forward.

  • Identity and Self-Discovery: Teens often question their identity and where they fit in the world. Therapy can facilitate self-discovery, supporting teens in exploring their values, beliefs, and aspirations.

  • Behavioural Issues: Issues such as impulsivity, defiance, and risk-taking behaviours can be addressed in therapy, where teens learn to understand the motivations behind their actions and develop healthier behaviour patterns.

In addressing these challenges within the supportive framework of therapy, teens can learn more about themselves, develop coping strategies, and build a strong foundation for their adult lives. My approach, tailored specifically to the needs of young people, is designed to empower teens to overcome obstacles and embrace their journey with confidence and clarity.

My experience supporting young people

  • 9 years combined experience of working as a counsellor and a counselling supervisor at ChildLine and the NSPCC.
  • 1 year working in a child protection team at Social Services
  • 4 years working as a youth group facilitator with 16-25 year olds.
  • 4.5 years employed as a young people’s counsellor for 13-25 year olds.

Dr Terry Sergeant

Counselling Psychologist and CBT Therapist

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Updade April 2024: Unfortunately I am not currently accepting any new referrals for counselling or CBT for teens.

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The following websites are intended as helpful resources. We are not liable for the contents of any external sites listed, nor do we endorse any commercial product or service that may be mentioned or advised. 

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